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Website SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization, is a series of processes carried out systematically that aim to increase traffic volume and quality of visits through search engines to certain websites by utilizing the work mechanism or search engine algorithm.

Our service will analyze HTML tags on your web pages including links, header tags, meta tags, titles, descriptions, content and more...

Site Architecture

As an internet user, blogger or even a web developer we must know and know the elements or things that exist on a website. Because, however, every time we connect to the internet and use it we will not be separated from an application called "Web". Therefore, even for those of you who are still very ordinary, this article must be read because it is an important introduction that is simple and straightforward about the components and elements that are often "attached" to a website or blog.

A website is composed of components and elements with their respective functions, then collected and interrelated.

We'll analysis the loading speed of your HTML page, obsolete style sheets & scripts, w3c validator, analyse keyword, etc...

Link Analysis

Link analysis is a data analysis technique used in network theory that is used to evaluate the relationships or connections between network nodes. These relationships can be between various types of objects (nodes), including people, organizations and even transactions.

Link analysis is essentially a kind of knowledge discovery that can be used to visualize data to allow for better analysis, especially in the context of links, whether Web links or relationship links between people or between different entities. Link analysis is often used in search engine optimization as well as in intelligence, in security analysis and in market and medical research.

We'll provide you overview of anchor texts of web page and analysis all internal and external links of a website.

Social networking

Social Networking is a form of internet service that is intended as an online community for people who have similar activities, interests in certain fields, or similar background backgrounds. Social networking is commonly referred to as a friendship network.

Social network services are usually web-based, equipped with various features for users to be able to communicate and interact with each other.

We'll give you an overview of the activities(like, share, plus, tweet, etc) of your website on social networking sites to improve SEO.